Ambigu: Contactus

Ambigu: Contactus
Verlust der Harmonie

Saturday 20 February 2021 | Museum ‘t Kromhout
Doors open 19:30
Showtime 20:00

Sven Schwannberger | tenor, lute/guitar
Juho Myllylä | recorders
Miron Andres | vielle

Harmony as the essence of life accompanies us throughout the centuries. It is an essential part of life. When we loose it, the mind and heart become restless. We feel pain and sorrow. But it’s the pain and sorrow that make us feel alive.
Contactus accompanies the audience on a musical journey of love, hate, drama, the rest and restlessness of the mind, over the span of a few centuries of music.

The concert series Ambigu provides a stage for lesser-known and more rarely heard very early as well as brand new music. This is music that is ambiguous in mentality and spirit, and often falls outside the mainstream of early and contemporary music programming.
The concerts of Ambigu take place at the Museum ‘t Kromhout, a former ship engine factory at the centre of Amsterdam – an out-of-the-ordinary location with a robust and industrial sphere that goes beyond a conventional concert environment.
With the ambiguity characteristic of both early and new music regardless of the centuries in between as a point of departure, Ambigu acts as an accessible platform for experimentation, new approaches and concepts for the artists and concertgoers alike.Ambigu is an initiative of Stichting Musica Ambigua, a new foundation set up to support early and new ambiguous music. Ambigu is made possible with support from Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst.