Coming up in 2021:
New albums from Burntfield
Ugly Pug & The Royal Wind Music.

Ensemble Gamut!UT (2020)
Eclipse Music
CD digisleeve/digital & streaming
Credits: blockflutes, electronics, arrangements

Refreshing, soothing, intriguing and enlightening, there’s a wonderful flow through the album in an enthralling and cleansing journey.
–Jez Rowden / The Progressive Aspect (13.12.2020)

BurntfieldHereafter (2018)
Progressive Gears
CD digipak/digital & streaming
Credits: music, lyrics, vocals, guitars, blockflutes, arrangements, production

A collection of beautifully arranged songs with nice vocal harmonies and excellent musicianship throughout.
–Geoffrey Penn / Progplanet (14.05.2018)