Freddy Sheinfeld: Simón

I played blockflutes for Freddy Sheinfeld‘s soundtrack for the film Simón (2023), written and directed by Diego Vicentini.
The soundtrack was released on 7 September 2023 in conjunction with the Venezuelan premiere of the film, which gathered well-deserved success and won awards at international film festivals.
As of 2024, Simón is available for streaming on Netflix in the US, Latin America and Spain, and in the rest of the world at

Listen to the soundtrack album on digital platforms here.

Simón on IMDb.

Soundtrack credits
Blockflutes: Juho Myllylä
Cellos: Isaiah Gage
Violin: Carlos Felipe Silva
Orchestrations: Lorena Perez Batista
Synth Programmer: Guillermo J Silberstein
Recording Engineer: Juan Andrés Cammarano
Recording Studio: MusicMind Studios

Ignatius van Loyola – God vinden in alle dingen
Ignatius of Loyola – Finding God In All Things

I composed and performed an original soundtrack for an animation short for blockflutes, guitar, strings, and electronics.
Released on 20 May 2021, it marks the 500th anniversary of the beginning of Ignatius’ journey and tells his life story.

Also available in:

A film by The Jesuits of the European Low Countries
Story written by Rick Timmermans
Illustrations: Jedi NoordegraafStudio Vandaar
Animation: Rens Wegerif
Voice actors: Frank Cools (NL), John Bosco Norona (EN)
Audio engineered & mixed by Guido Attema
Music composed by Juho Myllylä
Musicians: Juho Myllylä (recorders, guitar, electronics), Arjette Kuipers (violin), Vincent de Lange (cello)
Project coordination: Nikolaas Sintobin

Nico Maas: Un Chanteur Invisible
An Invisible Singer

In 2019, I played blockflutes for Nico Maas‘ score for the film Un Chanteur Invisible (An Invisible Singer), directed by Hannah van Tassel.

The score (which makes beautiful, creative and prominent use of the blockflutes) won Nico Maas the Keep an Eye Filmscore Award 2019. The poetic documentary about the intangible mistral, which blows across the French Provence some 130 days a year, was made in collaboration with the Dutch public broadcaster NTR.

Un Chanteur Invisible (An Invisible Singer) on IMDb.

The film is streaming on the website of the Netherlands Film Academy (trailer below).