Freddy Sheinfeld: Simón (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (2023)
Credits: blockflutes
See also Soundtrack and for more about the film.

The Royal Wind Music: The Orange Tree Courtyard (2023)
Pan Classics / Note 1 Music
CD & digital/streaming
Credits: blockflutes

Psallentes & The Royal Wind Music: Gratia Plena (To Memling) (2023)
Le Bricoleur
CD & digital/streaming
Credits: blockflutes

Ensemble Gamut!RE (2022)
Eclipse Music
CD digisleeve/digital & streaming
Credits: blockflutes, electronics, vocals, arrangements

This is very definitely a labor of love, and the pieces and context are superbly researched. — …for open ears and minds, there’s an entire world of joy to discover on RE.

– Chris Nickson / RootsWorld (13.02.2023)

Juho Myllylä: Het leven van de pelgrim / Life Of The Pilgrim (Original Short Film Soundtrack) (2022)
Digital & streaming
Credits: music, blockflutes, guitar, electronics, arrangements, production
See Soundtrack for the animated short (2021) and the upcoming full-length radio drama adaptation.

John Franek: Wavelengths (2022)
Donemus/Composers Voice
Digital & streaming
Credits: blockflutes & live electronics
With Mariana Preda (panflutes)

BurntfieldImpermanence (2021)
Progressive Gears Records / Inverse Records
CD digisleeve/vinyl/digital & streaming
Credits: music, lyrics, vocals, guitars, blockflutes, arrangements, production

Rousing choruses, melancholy and yearning, this is a compulsive album that will strike a chord with anyone who has loved and lost and loved again. Magnificent. *****

–David Randall / Get Ready To Rock! (31.10.2021)

Ugly Pug: Crossroads (2021)
Olive Music/Etcetera Records
CD digipak/digital & streaming
Credits: blockflutes, electric guitar, live electronics

I consider the results compelling, and I hope to hear more works for these resurrected instruments in this new idiom.

–John Dante Prevedini / Classical Music Daily (27.10.2021)

Ensemble Gamut!UT (2020)
Eclipse Music
CD digisleeve/digital & streaming
Credits: blockflutes, electronics, arrangements

Refreshing, soothing, intriguing and enlightening, there’s a wonderful flow through the album in an enthralling and cleansing journey.

–Jez Rowden / The Progressive Aspect (13.12.2020)

BurntfieldHereafter (2018)
Progressive Gears Records / Inverse Records
CD digipak/digital & streaming
Credits: music, lyrics, vocals, guitars, blockflutes, arrangements, production

A collection of beautifully arranged songs with nice vocal harmonies and excellent musicianship throughout.

–Geoffrey Penn / Progplanet (14.05.2018)