Ugly Pug

New music on “early” instruments.

Juho Myllylä | blockflutes, electronics
Miron Andres | viola da gamba

André Lourenço | harpsichord


Ugly Pug are a fresh new ensemble, devoted to the performance of new music on their instruments; blockflutes, viola da gamba and harpsichord. With backgrounds in rock and metal as well as early music these international, multifaceted musicians reach for a vibrant contemporary sound, making use of the fabulous combination of these instruments that have belonged together for centuries.

The three members of the group began their collaboration while studying at the Amsterdam Conservatory, diving into the fascinating repertoire written for these instruments, and have been coached by top specialists in the field, including blockflutist Jorge Isaac and harpsichordist Goska Isphording.

Ugly Pug have performed in various occasions and crossover events in The Netherlands and in Finland. Artistic collaborations include a.o. Marije Nie (tap dance), Ere Lievonen (harpsichord) and Kirsti Apajalahti (violin). Freed from the chains of early music, the distinctive formation rises up to the challenge with their mixture of period instruments, contemporary composition, improvisatory techniques and electronics, as well as working extensively with composers on new repertoire.