Mariana Preda and Juho Myllylä present a contemporary program on less contemporary instruments: panflute and recorder at the Grachtenfestival Amsterdam. 

The program consists of modern works in which you could find yourself in a new landscape, where there is the occasional glimpse of folk music or improvisation that is more familiar to us. The diversity of both the pan flute and recorder families is even better appreciated when live electronics are involved. Let us surprise you! 

John Franek‘s cycle Wavelengths collects visual light phenomena as material for musical performance and imitation, creating auditory wavelengths that are descriptive of their visual counterparts. Moreover, the sounds of the panflutes and recorders are augmented with live electronics to better reflect the fire-like nature of their optical counterparts. Mariana Preda (panflute) and Juho Myllylä (recorders) take the audience on a journey of contemporary textures and atmospheric soundscapes with touches of folk music and improvisation. The versatility of both of both the pa flute and recorder in an electronically amplified sound world reflects a range of different emotions and feelings.

More info and the full Grachtenfestival program