Ensemble Gamut!

A young collective of early- and folk music specialists explores music from the 12-14th centuries together with finnish folk songs and free improvisation.

The programme J’ay pris amours – I have taken love as my device explores music and thematics, different faces of love from mediaeval manuscripts, finnish folk singing tradition and free improvisation. Longing, redemption, grief, lust, affection, attraction are universal themes that have probably existed since the rise of human consciousness, and are still the main ingredient of modern love songs.

Besides texts, a common ground can be found from melodic lines, and modal approach, and we bind these traditions together with free improvisation.

Ilkka Heinonen | finnish lyra “jouhikko”, g-violone
Marianna Henriksson | harpsichord
Juho Myllylä | recorders, electronics
Aino Peltomaa | soprano, harp

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