Kirsi-Marja Harju | trumpet, vocals
Juho Myllylä | recorders, vocals
Teemu Kekkonen | piano, vocals

KMH is Kirsi-Marja Harju, Juho Myllylä and Teemu Kekkonen. The three Finnish versatile professional musicians are based in Amsterdam, where they joined forces to explore new possibilities for their instruments in a trio setting: trumpet, vocals, recorders (blockflutes) and piano. Original compositions by all three, as well as influential covers from all corners of contemporary jazz constitute the core of their dynamic repertoire. Their musical expression is rooted in Nordic melancholy, evocative melodies and atmospheric textures. The Arts Promotion Center Finland (Taike) has generously supported the work of KMH. 

Snacks and drinks, as always! 

Livestream will be available on the Facebook page of Miha’s Living Room Concerts.