Play / Space is an innovative duo program, centered around a new work for panflutes and recorders by Wilma Pistorius, created in collaboration with Mariana Preda and Juho Myllylä. It explores the field between composition and improvisation, formal and informal. Where do they meet, and where does the distinction break down?

Mixing predetermined and improvised elements, the piece establishes a space for collaborative creation in which the music becomes an interaction, not only between the performers and the mind of the composer, but also between the performers and the audience. Building on spontaneous reactions from musicians and listeners alike, the piece escapes from the page and become a conversation.

The piece will be different every time it’s played: the improvised parts will not only vary according to the musicians’ ideas and inspirations, but will also be influenced by the location and the audience. New creative decisions will need to be made for each performance, some of them in real time!

This brings surprise and curiosity to the familiar experience of writing, performing, and hearing a piece of music. By giving the musicians and the audience a degree of control over the piece, Pistorius aims to create an experience of music that is less formal, more human; less perfect, more free.

Next to the new work of Pistorius, the program features atmospheric, landscape-like contemporary compositions (“space”) in contrast with upbeat and energetic folk dances (“play”).